About Us

We created pivotal(x) to help navigate and manage the complex world of customer-facing, digital communication technologies. While new technologies create new ways to communicate and connect with your clients and customers, the options can be endless and can span multiple capabilities few companies possess. Pivotal(x) delivers those capabilities to design, develop, and manage technology solutions that drive business results.

Pivotal(x) combines experience in corporate strategy, brand management, and shopper marketing with experience in digital out-of-home advertising, retail technology systems, and enterprise audio/video design. We leverage partnerships that have been decades in the making and bring together leading firms across multiple industries to span the entire scope of designed technology solutions to augment our offerings – research, content strategy and creation, technology design and engineering, installation, and network operations and maintenance.

For the uninitiated it can feel like drinking from a firehose. But we live in this world and are sensitive to the subtleties of digital content, the cost of technology, the complexities of networks, and the importance of support. It may seem as if you are loosing control as you extend the reach of your brand or your business across digital technologies. We are here to help you take control. 


Inform, Learn, Engage, Enjoy


Gordon Blitch


Steven Amos