Corporate Communication

Strengthen awareness and engagement of employees and visitors with more effective communication of corporate objectives and initiatives as well as timely delivery of departmental achievements, event information, client updates and emergency messaging.

  • Smart Digital Signage

    Replace static signage with dynamic, interactive messaging, imagery, event schedules, and emergency messages

  • Digital Concierge

    Personalize touch screens in lobbies and elevator banks with welcome messages, directories, and way-finding content

  • Conference Room Schedule Displays

    Welcome attendees and display conference room schedules and meeting agendas on external meeting room displays by integrating with internal calendar software

  • Beacon/GeoFencing

    Target proximity triggered mobile messages and emergency calls to action with on-premises BlueTooth beacons and broader GPS/RFID systems

  • Way-finding

    Assist visitors with property and local navigation utilizing static or interactive digital displays

  • Employee Back Office Communications

    Inform and inspire employees with behavior changing messaging and display government mandated notices and safety information