Strengthen engagement of students, administration, and visitors with more effective communication of campus news and initiatives, information, and emergency messaging.

  • Smart Digital Signage

    Replace static signage with dynamic, interactive messaging, imagery, event schedules, and emergency communication

  • Interactive Assistants

    Personalize touch screens in administrative offices and campus common areas with welcome messages, directories, and way-finding content

  • Classroom Schedule Displays

    Leverage internal calendar software to welcome students with scheduled class information on external hallway displays

  • Beacon/GeoFencing

    Target proximity triggered mobile messages and emergency calls to action with on-premises BlueTooth beacons and broader GPS/RFID systems

  • Way-finding

    Improve campus and community navigation with static or interactive digital displays

  • Personalized Mobile

    Provide customized applications that enhances the student experience and improves communication with the institution